MMODepot's Guarantee

MMODepot.Com conducts business with the criterion “CUSTOMERS AS CENTERS”. Thereby, MMODepot.Com will try to control the quality of products well, support customers with the best after-sales mode to receive the satisfaction and trust of customers at the highest level. Therefore, we will not for profit but exchange our Prestige and Trust for us.


MMODepot only shares and supplies genuine products from well-known brands in the market. Absolutely do not use products of unknown origin, null products, products that have been modified code, …

The products that MMODepot provides customers with genuine purchase for many years working on web services from then redistribute. As a result, customers will always receive the best, most complete and original products.


MMODepot will always try to bring customers the best price when buying products here. At the same time, MMODepot will always organize promotions and discounts on a regular basis to support customers who can access good products at low prices. We believe customers are knowledgeable, so they will understand the value of the products they receive when they come to us.


All premium products are licensed by us and redistributed with a general purchase. So the number of products may not be much, but it is guaranteed to be genuine, so we will not put on the scale to compare the quantity with other places. We want customers to be satisfied with the quality of products rather than the quantity but not as genuine as many places are selling.

However, we aim to become the leading e-commerce site in Vietnam to provide digital products. Therefore, our products will always be updated regularly to bring more choices for customers. Thereby, customers will also have more experience when shopping and using products that MMODepot provides.


With the criterion “CUSTOMERS AS CENTERS”, we will always strive and try to bring our customers the most satisfaction when coming to MMODepot. Therefore, if you have any unsatisfied customers (about service, product quality, etc.), please do not hesitate to contact us for timely support.

We always take the satisfaction of customers to make fun and motivation to improve ourselves to improve service quality. Therefore, we look forward to receiving customers and giving us the opportunity to serve our customers.