If there are any issues to discuss (website content, articles, sales policies, …), please send us your questions. However, before submitting a question, check out the list of questions below. Because most likely your question has been answered or there is a solution available.


We support a wide range of delivery methods worldwide. For digital products, you can choose between receiving products via email address, message, facebook, skype, icq, … For electronic products, you can choose to receive goods by post office and Express Delivery.

For digital products there are 2 options:
1. You use Digital Currencies ( Paypal, Payer, Perfect Money, Webmoney,…) for payment : You will get product instant via email, message,…
2. You use Crypto Currencies ( Bitcoin, Litecoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin,…) for payment. You need waiting for transaction complete ( ex : have 3 confirm with bitcoin transaction ). You will get product after transaction complete.

For electronic products. You will get your package in a few days. This depends on the country you are in, the shipping partner, …


You can check your order at : https://mmodepot.com/track-order/ . Please fill your order id & your payment email. We will update orders status every 2 hours.

No. You don’t need. Because after your payment is complete. You’ll get product via email, message. But if you buying electronic product, you need an account to easy get your order track.


You can use for as many websites as you want. All the plugins and themes we share are purchased with NO LIMIT website or license required during use, so you can install for as many websites as possible. You can also share our plugin, theme for others without any problems.

If you buy it alone from a supplier, the price will be quite high and it will be a barrier for you to access good products . So why don’t we “buy together” so we can share part of the cost together? Because of such thinking, MMODepot applies sales as a form of joint purchase so that everyone can have access to good quality products at low prices.

All products such as plugins or themes are purchased directly by the MMODepot at the supplier’s website with the highest product package or GPL license. That means when we buy those products; We can share that software the way we want.

We are committed to all our products are 100% genuine. All plugins and themes are purchased directly from the supplier’s website and we only redistribute it without any intervention or modification. So all products are original, you can check with any tool if you want.

Unfortunately it is NOT. Because if you want to request technical support from a plugin or theme manufacturer, you are required to purchase products directly from their website, from which they will assist you through the account you registered.

However, when you buy a theme or plugin on MMODepot, we can provide you with technical support within the scope of the possibility. In addition, we may replace you with TICKET directly to the manufacturer if it is necessary for you.

So please do not hesitate and contact us when you need support.

For themes, plugins, scripts, tools on MMODepot’s Shop page. After confirmation of the successful payment, you will receive the product immediately. To receive a theme or plugin, go to MY ACCOUNT (ACCOUNT) ➜ DOWNLOAD.

For software, server & cloud account. After confirmation of the successful payment, you need waiting from 01 to 48 hours. Because it not avalable in store. Because this product has limited use time. So we don’t stock up.

All products are regularly updated by us and directly from suppliers. However, due to the relatively large number of products, it may sometimes be missing in the update process. So if unfortunately your product has not been updated, please contact us for updated support.

Please don’t mind and ignore this. For the theme or plugin of wordpress, license only works in requesting technical support from the manufacturer or automatically updating. So do not worry, because the product will still work well and fully functional without a license.