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The Shorter The Better

Please select the shortest domain name (Domain) possible (msn.com, hp.com …). The short domain will be easy to remember, easy to type in the address and easy when designing the brand, logo …

Domain Must Be Easy To Remember

You will be easy to remember Domains such as Art.com, Yahoo.com, Amazon.com, Google.com, …. Domains that are easy to pronounce are easier to remember. Read aloud many times the domain you want to register. Funny Domains are also easy to remember (Alibaba.com, Umbala.com …).

Domain Not Confusing

A good domain is a domain name that is not confusing to an existing domain. If an existing domain is a registered brand, you may have trouble using the same Domain. Domains must be easy to read when having to read the Domain via phone. Do not use hyphens (-) in Domains.

Domain Must Relate To Company

If you cannot find the correct Domain for your business, do not give up. Find a domain name that speaks of the main job or describes the uniqueness of the business. If the enterprise is named A and operates as a hotel, the proper name is www.Ahotel.com. You can use the .biz and .info domains if you can’t find .com, .net, .org.