Provide and share digital resources to support website construction and design (wordpress, html, php script), advertising, printing, publishing and many other areas.


Resource Warehouse is a sharing and providing page of digital resources such as high quality stock, mockup, template, theme, plugin, script, software, tools .... Serving for printing, design, making data for information technology projects or for other purposes.

Operational objectives

First, MMODepot acts as a sharing page of digital resources. Here, you can find a lot of free resources with good quality to serve your work.

In addition, MMODepot also provides “purchased together” resource products at low prices. These resources are purchased directly from the Resource Warehouse from suppliers in the form of buying a developer account or premium packages. MMODepot will then share it with you in the form of “joint purchase”.

Vision, mission

MMODepot aims to become Vietnam’s leading e-commerce site in the field of sharing and providing low-cost digital resources. In order to do this, MMODepot carries out business with the criterion “TAKE CUSTOMERS AS CENTERS”.

Thereby, MMODepot will try to control the quality of products very well, support customers with the best after sales service to receive the satisfaction and trust of customers at the highest level to increase the value core and realize the idea you are cherishing.